“The children have gone missing,
they’ve been doing so for years.
Parents weep and mourn their loss,
praying for their safe return.
They wish them well, but do not search,
for fear their prayers unanswered.
Walk with warning, weary travelers—
young children and old;
When those lost have been found,
once their sorrows rain from the skies,
the Titan’s incoming onslaught
will lay bare your lies.”

Children stare with wide, fearful eyes, believers have heard these words before, while non believers jeer and chalk it out to a dumb prank. The Gods have been taking children from homes for centuries, the little ones of varying age up and vanishing in the night, and without proof of anything else, it is hope that lead them to believe such tales. After all, what else could’ve happened to their young?

Bards and traveling entertainers of all other sorts, spread rhymes and sweet tails of similar relation, ever wondering about the truth of such stories or why which children are chosen. Like many faerie tales, it is a story told to make children behave, with an edge of truth to it. Youth disappear through the year, and have never before returned. Where could they have gone? Why haven’t they come home?

Have they moved onto better places?

Oh, how the questions and prayers do swarm.

Walk with Warning

Blarg Firion ImpieBA Toni