History of Issaria

The written history of Issaria dates back around 2000 years. The races of the world kept pretty soundly to themselves for quite awhile before a group of traders began to travel about and discover just who and what there was in their world. Once this trade route was established, communication between races and cultures was exciting and new. Humans and Elves got along particularly well, while Gnomes, Halflings and Genomes grew accustomed to one another. Over time, Dwarves became just as well established and all races came together, including the newest “Half-Elves” born from a surprising partnership, to develop advanced ways of getting from place to place and exploring different interests.

1000 years ago, a surprising uprising came about, the only war to have ever broken out across the written history of the world. Elven tradition was exposed to everyone as angry, dark-skinned elves broke to the surface to fight for their freedom from imprisonment and being thrown away, while the elves longed to keep this dark race that grew from their own a forgotten secret buried underground. After fighting for over 200 years, the Drow won their freedom, though the races haven’t seen eye to eye since.

Around that time, a new race came to the surface to disclose that they had been below sea level for ages and they would like to join society and see what other races and people are like. The Merfolk were enchanted by everything landwalkers did, from they way they bickered to the way they played and created weaponry— And their curiosity and excitement was returned in full. With the discovery of underwater creatures, there was a brilliant surge across both major continents to create a variety of instruments to be used to travel below water safely.

The lands have been relatively peaceful as a whole, most people of the world fairly content to work together and cooperate, with occasional dragon and monster attacks, as well as sparatic influxes here and there of insane folks intent on causing harm against others and their own kind.

While comparing all the histories of all the races now brought together, there has been only one congruency between them all: For as long as has been recorded and remembered, the youth of all races have vanished randomly from homes. Most commonly, this has been called an act of the Gods, their children taken to serve a greater purpose, never to be seen again. Some cultures call it an illness, other’s name the invisible thief after some unknown monster. All that’s know is no matter where across the world, above or below water and earth, children have vanished from homes for over 2000 years, and is thought to be little more than a fact of life.

History of Issaria

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