Races of Issaria


They are a musical race, graced with voices and talents that mesmerize all others. Their halls and homes are filled with melodies, their fighting style swift and suave as if created to a specific melody. They are beautiful, majestic, and a pleasure to meet above land and under water.


Wanderers in nature, the race keeps to the trees unless traveling, and welcomes visitors to see how well off they are. They are not cynical, just a little better than everyone else. It isn’t too far from the truth. They crafted the magic that helped build the cities while Gnome machinery needed reworking, after all.


Adventurers by nature, ever seeking to to find their place, the race is found all over the world. Many have found solace in Merfolk cities, living on land nearby or making a new life under the ocean. It was the desire to explore there that created the need for devices to breath underwater.


Human beings, the most versatile creatures of all, live in abundance all over Issaria. From the mines and mountains to the reefs and below, they can be found, learning and teaching and doing what humans do best— Living.


Playful and fanciful, the race is made of curiosity, eagerness, and a dash of deviousness. They are known to live along tree lines and at the edges of mountainous regions, where they work and help Elves (who find them quite amusing) and Dwarves (Who find them rather annoying).


Thriving in the mines and mountains, the race is happiest working in their mines and pulling from the earth the very minerals needed to create places to live, weapons with which to fight, and boats to sail upon, whether they understand the boating aspect or not. They work closely with many, yet prefer to keep to their work than venture out.


Ah, the Gnomes. Most don’t realize, but the entire Maize Plains THRIVE with the race, though they do work their share in most cities and around the country. They also work particularly close with Drow in mining and manufacturing metalwork and framing.


Set apart with their dark skin, the race is surprisingly welcome in most major cities. While they don’t see eye-to-eye with Elves, after their last war several centuries ago, they are as common above ground as many other races, and just as welcome. They work with the Dwarves and Halflings, depending on where their homes lie.


Common traders and faces seen throughout the lands, the race not only harvests the majority of the foods needed in the cities and countries of Issaria, but also delivers and trades most common goods. It keeps them busy and peaceful, and helps pave the way to finding to pleasures to be had from the earth and other races.

Races of Issaria

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